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What pipes for the pile foundation are best suited?

What are the best metal pipes for piles?

The use of pile foundations as a basis for buildings and structures is one of the most commonly used technologies in modern construction. The scope of pile foundations is very wide: from the "individual summer cottage" construction to the construction of the largest facilities in the implementation of projects of a national scale.

The reason for this is in a number of advantages by which pile foundations can surpass the "traditional". This is high reliability and durability of the service, the ability to use them on any type of soil (with the exception of rocky breeds), high installation speed and its conduct in any climatic conditions, the ability to install piles in areas with a difficult relief, lower cost (for example, compared to ribbon or slab foundations), as well as a number of other important advantages.

Among the various technology options are the use of clogging, screw and brownizer piles. In many cases, the use of various types of steel pipes for pile foundations is supposed.

Pipes for piles

As the material of the manufacture of pipes for pile foundations, plastic, asbestos cement and, of course, “steel classic”, pipes made of high -quality steel can be used.

The advantages of the support device based on plastic and asbestos -cement pipes - resistance to corrosion, low cost, ease of installation. The main minus is the inability to withstand the weight of serious designs, and similar options are used as a support for "light" country houses and auxiliary buildings.

As a support for more “serious” structures, steel pipes of various diameters are used. To increase the service life, anti -corrosion treatment is used.

Steel pipes for piles

Buronaby technologies are an option to create a reliable foundation that also requires the use of steel pipes. With brownibular technology, leadership wells pre -drilled in the ground are filled (“stuffed”) with concrete. After the formation of the pile circuit, its strapping and installation of a grillage is carried out.

To protect against soil shedding into the well, a casing can be installed before filling it, which will perform the function of a protective casing. After the formation of the pile, the casing can be removed and re -used. However, in a number of cases, to increase the general strength of the structure, the casing can be left in the ground.

Special locks for the sequential connection of casing pipes allow you to form pile columns if necessary. When using them, the length of the brownish pile can reach several tens of meters, which will guarantee to “reach” to dense ground layers and create a reliable and durable support for the most massive structures and buildings.

piles from seamless rental

Another option often used in construction is screw piles. Before installation, the steel pipe is equipped with additional elements for effective screwing into the ground. Taking into account high loads, the best option is pipe from seamless rental.

Due to the lack of a weld, seamless pipes are one of the most durable and reliable types of pipeline. Naturally, this is one of the highest types of rental, since the production of seamless pipes requires the use of more complex technologies, but this is exactly the case when the investments pay off. Today, seamless pipeline is actively used in mechanical engineering, in chemical and processing industry. And, of course, in construction. The use of pipes of various diameters in combination with the desired wall thickness allows you to achieve the necessary strength of the entire supporting structure, and the factory anti -corrosion processing allows you to repeatedly extend the service life of the products.

piles from the manufacturer

The totality of the advantages of pile foundations of various types makes the application of more and more in demand in modern construction. It is natural that the demand for high -quality pipes for pile foundations is constantly growing.

A noticeable share in the products produced by the Zagorsky Pipe Plant is occupied by steel pipes, including the construction of pile foundations. The enterprise located in the Moscow Region supplies pile pipes with a diameter of 508-1420 mm from the brands of steels 09G2S, 17G1S, K52-K60 according to GOST 10706, GOST 10704, GOST 33228-2015. Buying pipes directly from the manufacturer is a quality guarantee and the best price.

What pipes for the pile foundation are best suited?