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Pile supports of bridges. piles under the supports

The use of piles

Use piles for supports is an idea known to a person and used in construction since ancient times. The most famous example is Venice, a city built precisely on piles, by the way, including Russian production: a significant part of Venice is on pile supports from Siberian larch. From the “construction point of view”, pile, pile support is a constructive element that has the necessary strength and a certain length that allows you to “reach” to the dense layers of the soil, which are either under the “unreliable” soil layers, or under water.

The creation of new materials, the emergence of new technologies for installing pile supports, computer modeling, accurate calculation of future loads-all this makes it possible to widely use pile structures in the construction of engineering and technical objects of various purposes. New decisions in our country are especially in demand, taking into account its size, the variety of reliefs and climatic conditions.

One of the most important "sections of work" for pile structures is to use piles as supports of bridges, overpasses and overpasses. It is pile supports of bridges that can ensure the reliable functioning of the future structure even under the most unfavorable external conditions.

Pile supports of bridges are a pile foundation, that is, a combination of several nearby piles. In a single whole design, the grillage is united, that is, the plate mounted on the upper parts of individual piles and evenly distributes the load. Directly on the grillage, elements of the bridge structure are based.

Of course, it is possible to use such a technology for an effective solution of other problems: “experience” of piles as supports of a bridge applies to all cases where it is required to “firmly rely on the ground”, and “classical foundations” are either ineffective or economically inappropriate, or or economically inappropriate or economically inappropriate. The construction of them is simply impossible.

piles from pipes

Initially, the pipe is the product that serves to transport fluids. But, again since ancient times, people have learned to use pipes as building elements using their property & nbsp; Effectively resist the loads operating in various directions. Today, pipes are actively used, including for the formation of pile supports of bridges, both as “supporting” elements and as the necessary auxiliary.

According to its device, pile supports for bridges can be divided into three types in terms of the location of the grillage: low, high and intermediate. With a high location, the sole of the grillage is above the ground level, with a low - respectively, lower, the sole of the intermediate grillage is located in terms of soil. Each type of support of the bridge from the piles has its own certain advantages and is used depending on the conditions of construction.

Low grillage is able to transfer part of the load to the surrounding soil and thereby reduce the load on separate pile supports. Thus, you can use a smaller number of pile supports or shorter elements of a smaller diameter. The pile supports of bridges with a low grillage are erected on rivers with a heavy ice regime, as well as in cases where it is required to protect pile supports from the destructive effects of sand and pebble sediment.

The advantages of pile supports of bridges with high grillage are economy, they require less materials and labor costs. Instead of a monolithic slab, prefabricated structures can be used as a grillage. Using the technologies of immersion of pile supports under an inclination to the horizon, you can achieve high stiffness characteristic of structures with a low grillage.

Steel pipes as a pile for bridges can be installed in the ground using clicking, pressing, vibrating, screwing using special mechanisms. Special casing pipes are used in the formation of bored piles. Computer & nbsp; Methods of calculating loads allow you to determine the most reliable and at the same time economically profitable way to arrange pile supports of the bridge, overpass or overpass.

Where to purchase steel pipes for pile supports

To date, the Zagogorsky Pipe Plant (ZTZ) located in the suburbs is confidently among the largest Russian supplier companies. The total weight of the products produced by the plant exceeds one million tons, and the production of piles for supports occupies an important part in the produced variety.

Among the regular buyers of ZTZ - Gazprom, Rosatom, Rosneft, Novatek, FSUE Rosmorport. These companies successfully implement national projects located throughout Russia. Cooperation with the best logistics companies allows the Zagorsky Pipe Plants to carry out the rapid delivery of the ordered cargo to anywhere in the country.

The products of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant are a variety of products that fully meet the most modern requirements and the possibility of its use in projects of any scale and specifics.

Pile supports of bridges. piles under the supports