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Large diameter trunk pipes: oil and gas pipes

The use of trunk pipes

Today, the mining industry of Russia is again on the rise. New deposits are opened and developed, existing are modernized, previously inaccessible territories rich in oil and gas are actively mastered. Of course, it is impossible to implement large -scale projects without the use of steel trunk pipes of large diameter and other types of oil and gas pipes.

It is necessary to buy large -diameter trunk pipes that directly arrange wells and build concomitant infrastructure. It is necessary to buy large -diameter trunk pipes to build pipelines for which oil, gas and other products are supplied to end consumers.

Of course, GOST imposes the most stringent requirements on the quality of large -diameter trunk pipes, and to the material from which the product is performed, and to manufacturing technology. After all, “the price of the issue” is significant losses in the event of the failure of the product. The release of high -diameter trunk is the prerogative of the largest “steel” enterprises in Russia, which have both the necessary capacities and significant experience. Among them is the Zagorsky Pipe Plant. Buying products of the Zagorsky Plant means to buy oil and gas pipes and products of another purpose that fully complies with the high requirements of GOST and at the price of the manufacturer.

Types and properties of pipes

Depending on the purpose, oil and gas pipes are divided into two types: oil industry pipes used in the arrangement of wells, and pipes that “work” directly on the transportation of raw materials, which are also high -diameter trunk pipes.

In turn, oil refinery also have various purposes.

Burial pipes (the release of these products is regulated by GOST 631-80), as the name follows, are used directly when drilling wells, acting as a “connecting link” between the drilling tower and the drill crown. For the manufacture of drill pipes, the most durable “steel materials” are used.

Cartoose oil and gas pipes (the production of these products is regulated by GOST 632-80) serve to arrange a well, protection from soil shifts, landslides and clogging. In addition to the high quality of the material, accurate compliance with the diameter of the product is also required.

The third type of oil and gas pipe is the pipe of the pump-compressor (NCT). Its purpose is the delivery of the mined raw materials to the surface, and in this case, the ability of the product to work in high pressure conditions plays a crucial role.

Magistral pipes, including trunk pipes of large diameters, in addition to manufacturing and size, differ in manufacturing technology.

The initial material for welded spiralchic pipes is a steel tape, which during the manufacture of the product turns into a spiral with simultaneous welding of the seam.

Direct welding products are formed from sheet steel rolling through molding and further welding along a straight line. Depending on the diameter of the future product, GOST allows one or two longitudinal seam and one transverse.

The advantage of direct -haired welded pipes is in their versatility. Spiralchic pipes can be used to transport only water and gas. Direct steel pipes allow you to transport any type of raw materials and products and are used in the construction of pipelines for various purposes.

oil and gas pipes: where to buy

The implementation of large projects, including a national scale, creates a constantly growing demand for large -diameter trunk pipes. That is why the production of such products occupies a significant place in the variety of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant, a modern enterprise located in the north of the Moscow region.

Among the most demanded by buyers of products can be called:

- Pipes steel electric welded expanded direct -haired increased corrosion and cohabitability for oil and gas pipelines.

- Steel power-welded straight-welding pipes with a diameter of 530-1020 millimeters with a wall thickness of up to 32 mm for main gas pipelines, oil and oil products.

-Pipes steel electric welding general purposes up to 12.2 meters long with a diameter of 530-1420 mm (GOST 10706-76)

Among the regular customers of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant - Gazprom, Rosatom, Rosneft, Novatek, FSUE Rosmorport, Yamal LNG OJSC. Buying plant products means buying high -quality products at the price of the manufacturer. Partnership with the best logistics companies allows the company to quickly deliver purchased steel products & nbsp; In any regions of the country and abroad.

Large diameter trunk pipes: oil and gas pipes