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Large diameter steel pipes: their types and use

The main manufacturers of large diameter pipes in the Russian Federation

Large diameter pipes are products, the external diameter of which starts from 530 mm. And this is the case when "the size matters." The production of large diameter pipes “can” & nbsp; The largest suppliers of steel products. And large diameter pipes are in demand by companies that carry out large, large -scale & nbsp; Projects throughout the country, in a wide variety of climatic conditions, requiring truly “steel reliability”. Today, there are more and more similar large -scale projects. The network of trunk pipelines is expanding, the largest companies develop the northern sea route, master the shelf, build new port and infrastructure facilities. It is not surprising that the demand for large -diameter pipes is steadily increasing, the “steel” companies increase production, the number of offers to buy large diameter pipes is increasing directly from manufacturers.

Among the leading Russian suppliers of steel pipes of large diameter, the following should be called the following:
  • The Vyksa Metallurgical Plant (one of the oldest factories in Russia, founded in 1757) - the first in both alphabet and production volumes, planned capacity of 1020 thousand tons per year
  • Volga Pipe Plant - 750 thousand tons/year
  • Zagogorsky Pipe Plant (the new Russian enterprise specializes in the production of large diameter pipes) - & nbsp; 500 T.T./g.
  • Izhora Pipe Plant - 600 T.T./g.
  • Chelyabinsk pipeline & nbsp; Plant - 600 t.t./g.
Buying modern pipes of large diameter means to purchase products that are maximally prepared for high operational loads and possible aggressive influences of external conditions, which means that they can solve the widest circle of problems. Large diameter pipes are really a “steel character”.

Production of steel pipes of large diameter, marking, use. Steel pipes of large diameter based on their subsequent use are divided into two main types. Pipes can be used directly as a “conductor” for the transportation of various liquid substances. These are main pipes, they are used as the main element in the construction of oil pipelines and gas pipelines, as well as other technological pipelines. As a rule, the diameter of the main pipes is from 159 mm to 820 mm. The second type of pipes of large diameter is the “general purpose” pipes, or casing. There are many options for their use during construction: for example, they can be used as piles, in the equipment of pits, in the construction of hydraulic structures, during the construction of heating main and water supply, as well as sewers. The production of trunk pipes is regulated by GOST 20295, the production of general -purpose pipes is “in charge” GOST 10706. State standards regulate the characteristics and properties of the future product. For example, the seam along which the metal sheet is “sewn” can be straight and spiral, the seam can be welded by contact and electric arc welding methods. The diameter of the general purposes can vary from 530 mm to 1420 mm, and in the production of "on an individual order" the diameter can be even larger. The price of a large diameter pipe is formed depending on a number of parameters reflected in the labeling of finished products. Of course, the price will depend on the steel brand used, and the choice of material is primarily determined by the future “working conditions” of the product. For example, large-diameters main pipes should be ready to pressure up to 12-12.5 & nbsp; MPa. It is also necessary to take into account climatic conditions, temperature range and humidity, and, of course, the possible aggressive properties of substances transported throughout the pipeline. Additional processing of the surface of the product (for example, insulation or application of insulating materials), processing of the ends and the removal of burrs (if required) also contribute to the price of the future product. In fact, the production of many parties of large diameter pipes is a special order work, for specific future operational requirements of the project, and in this case, the price is determined by the manufacturer based on all the wishes of the customer company.

Where to buy large diameter pipes? Today, the Zagorsky Pipe Plant is rightfully one of the largest Russian suppliers of steel products. Large diameter pipes occupy a noticeable place in the assortment, which is offered to customers. To date, the total mass of large -diameter products manufactured by the plant exceeds one million tons. Today, among companies regularly receiving the products of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant, including pipes of large diameters of various appointments - Gazprom, Rosatom, Rosneft, Novatek, FSUE Rosmorport. To buy pipes of large diameter of the production of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant - it means that you get modern products that are fully complied by the most stringent requirements and are ready for use in projects of any scale and specifics.

Large diameter steel pipes: their types and use