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More than 28,000 Tons of Zagorje Pipes Will Be Supplied to Novatek
More than 28,000 Tons of Zagorje Pipes Will Be Supplied to Novatek
02 June 2022
A tender for the supply of a large batch of pipes for the construction of the Kola shipyard.
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The Zagorsky Pipe Plant will supply a subsidiary structure & nbsp; NOVATEK PJSC , Kola shipyard, more than 28 & nbsp; 000 tons of pipes. The supply of the supply will include pipes of 1020 mm and 1420 mm. The pipes will be used for the further manufacture of a trumpeter necessary for the construction of coastal structures as part of the construction of a shipyard in the village of Belokamenka Murmansk Region. The cost of the contract is not disclosed.
All took part in the tender Suppliers of large diameter pipes in Russia, however, the proposal of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant turned out to be optimal in cost. The supply of pipes, as part of the agreements with the client, the Kola shipyard, will be made in December of this year.
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Director for Marketing and Sales of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant Dmitry Simankov: & nbsp; “We already have a positive experience of interacting with the structures of Novatek. So, in the spring of this year, we shipped a batch of pipes for another LNG production project, on Yamal, but the April volume amounted to 10 & nbsp; 000 tons. This time, three times more. I am sure that in Novatek they highly appreciated not only the terms of supply of products that we withstand when working with customers, but also the price component. It, within the framework of metallurgy 2.0, is significantly more objective. "
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Kola Verf-Strategic Investment Project of the Murmansk region. It is in the port of the Kola shipyard that the production of equipment for the Arctic LNG 2 plant will be organized. Novatek is a responsible executor for the implementation of a comprehensive plan for the development of liquefied natural gas on the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas approved by the Government of Russia.

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