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More than 50 excursions have been held over the past year as part of the project of Promturism #Seemetallurgists of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant
More than 50 excursions have been held over the past year as part of the project of Promturism #Seemetallurgists of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant
17 May 2022

more than 50 excursions were held in 2021 at Zagorsky Pipe Plant as part of the project of production. Excursions at ZTZ are very popular among guests from other cities and among residents of the Sergiev Posad district, and make a noticeable contribution to the development of tourism in the region.

Today, a policy of attracting tourists is actively implemented in Sergiev Posad, Excursion routes are being developed that would allow guests not to limit themselves to visiting the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, but to visit other historical and cultural monuments that deserve attention and stay in the city for several days at once. Excursion #saw a metallurgists to the Zagorsky Pipe Plant-the only object of industrial tourism in the Sergiev Posad District-is included in the list of locations recommended for visiting.

Excursion program #Silmallurgists-this is the opportunity to get to the most modern factory for the production of large pipes diameter for Gazprom, Rosneft and other large oil and gas companies in Russia and other countries. During the tour, guests get acquainted with the history of the country and metallurgical sectors of the country, with the enterprise, its device and observe the process of production of pipes.

the industrial tourism project #saw the Zagorsky Pipe Plant in 2018 and took second place in the nomination “The route to the current production of the Russian routes award. The excursion program is being improved all the time, when conducting excursions, technical specialists working at the factory are involved as experts.

According to Deputy General Director for Corporate Communications of ZTZ Ilya Vlasenko : "" " Sergiev Posad is the most visited city in the Moscow Region. According to the central suburban passenger company, Sergiev Posad became the tourist capital of the Moscow Region in 2021. Almost 3 million people came to the city on a vacation on the weekend and holidays. In addition to the widely known and popular routes, we offer a special one - an excursion to the Zagorsky Pipe Plant, a visit to which will be equally interesting for both adults and children. ”

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